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Webmail Legacy Email for Students Retires in March 2015

RIP GatorLink Email Image

The Webmail email system (, UF’s centrally-provided email system since 1999, is being retired. One of the steps to retiring this system involves moving all active student Webmail mailboxes to GatorCloud email, UF’s email service powered by Microsoft Office 365.

Students who haven’t yet moved (or “migrated”) to GatorCloud email should visit the GatorCloud site and click the “Sign Up / Sign In” button to opt in. (Incoming freshmen in 2014 were automatically enrolled in GatorCloud email, so no action is necessary.)

The Webmail email system will be unavailable to students after March 15, 2015. Students that haven’t chosen an “opt in” migration date to GatorCloud email by January 29, 2015, will have a migration date assigned to them. To avoid being assigned a date, UFIT recommends that you take a few minutes NOW to opt in to GatorCloud email and choose a migration date convenient for you. More information about migrating is available in the GatorCloud FAQs.

Winter break is approaching (December 20-January 5), so if you won’t be checking your Webmail then, consider registering for a migration date during those weeks. For more information about GatorCloud email and other cloud services available for students visit the GatorCloud website: