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GatorCloud Email Opt-In Period Ends

Woman using gatorcloud email on smartphone

The numbers are in: UFIT received 14,712 migration requests from students choosing their date to move from Student Webmail to the GatorCloud email service. They join the nearly 17,000 new students who have started their UF careers as part of the GatorCloud email service–and all of the extras that come with it–since the Summer 2014 term.

Since the opt-in migration window is closed, UFIT will now select migration dates for the 26,000 remaining active Student Webmail mailboxes. These students will receive an email detailing the migration steps and dates, along with information on how to access their email after migration is complete. Note! When informing students that a migration date has been chosen for them, UFIT will not ask for account information such as your GatorLink password. If you get an email asking for your GatorLink password, please immediately report it to the UF Computing Help Desk.

UF’s GatorCloud is more than just email…Find out what services you can get by visiting the GatorCloud website.