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Enabling On-Campus COVID Testing Sites

PHOTO: UF Chief Diversity Officer Antonio Farias getting COVID test.

On May 4, UF’s Emergency Operations Team requested network connectivity for two campus COVID-19 testing sites. The immediate need was connectivity by May 6 at the Student Health Care Center (SHCC) testing location across from the Hub. The second ask was to have connectivity for what will be UF’s large-scale testing site at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) garage.

For the SHCC, staff implemented networking capabilities outside for walk-in testing, wireless internet to support iPad check-ins, and the hard-wired connectivity necessary for printers. Within 24 hours, UFIT had the site’s technical needs implemented and tested. For the Performing Arts Center (PAC) garage site, the task was more challenging because there was no fiber installed in this location. Working around the clock, UFIT set up Wi-Fi for the intake station iPads and installed a wireless bridge for a Screener’s Booth. There are 10 testing tents at the PAC garage, and UFIT provided the networking for a laptop in each tent along with four phone lines at the testing site.

Anyone with questions about UFIT’s network support of the university’s COVID testing sites may email them to Associate CIO Saira Hasnain.