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eFAX Service Available FREE to Faculty and Staff


eFAX is an easy-to-use, cost-effective fax service for UF faculty and staff. The service is hosted through UF Exchange, so it is no longer necessary for customers to purchase and maintain fax machines, servers or phone lines.

Sending an electronic document is free for faculty and staff who have Microsoft Outlook connected to a UF Exchange account. When faxing a paper document, it will need to be converted to an electronic document (e.g., PDF, HTML, JPG) first. Outbound international faxes are not allowed–contact your department if you need to send a fax to an international location.

Receiving faxes through the eFAX service is available to UF departments with UF Exchange accounts. There is a monthly fee of $11 for an inbound eFAX number, and the service is limited to main campus telephone numbers managed by CNS.

The service aligns with UF’s initiative to “go green” by reducing waste and saving on energy costs. eFAX accomplishes these goals by increasing savings on paper, toner, physical fax machines, and analog phone lines.

For more information please refer to the eFAX service catalog entry or email John Madey.

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