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Eduroam Usage Grows by 650% in 2018

GRAPHIC: UF Eduroam Logo

From January to December 2018, UF faculty, students, and staff authenticated 26,876 devices on the Eduroam network while travelling across the U.S. and around the world. Gators connected at 462 different universities, museums, scientific research centers, and computing facilities in 46 countries! Eduroam usage grew from approximately 850 unique user devices in January 2018 to nearly 5,500 devices by the end of the year, or a 650% increase.

Having the eduroam service available isn’t just about the UF community using it for secure wireless access when away from campus: It also means that visitors to UF from other eduroam member institutions can log on to their devices and have fast, secure wireless network access as well. Among the universities with more than 560 device connections each on our campus in 2018 are USF, LSU, UNC-Chapel Hill, Georgia Tech, and Clemson.

This summer, UFIT will begin intercepting anyone still connecting to the “UF” Wireless network and onboard them to eduroam. The benefits of eduroam becoming the sole wireless network for the University of Florida includes automatic worldwide secure connections in more than 6,000 locations without having to get anything special done to your laptop before you leave. More information is available in this UFIT News story.