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East Campus Data Center

UF East Campus Data Center

Construction on the long-planned East Campus Data Center (ECDC) is now underway. This facility will provide a secondary site for continuity of operations and disaster recovery for the university. The ECDC will also allow new services to be offered by the High-Performance Computing Center and Enterprise Systems. While the construction of the ECDC is the most visible focal-point of three concurrent projects, the two other projects will significantly impact and improve delivery of campus services:

  1. Two separate, physically-diverse 48-strand fiber-optic links from Main campus to East campus, are currently being installed.
  2. The payload deployment plan, which includes developing and testing designs for the multi-site operation (high-availability/redundancy/fail-over) of essential services, as well as purchasing the necessary hardware, is now in progress.

All three projects are scheduled for completion in November, 2012.

The East Campus Data Center will be jointly operated and managed by CNS and Research Computing. For additional information, contact David Burdette.

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