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Don’t Lose Your Wi-Fi: Make Quick Switch to UF Eduroam Today!

PHOTO: Student n Reitz Union using a tablet.

Connecting to Wi-Fi on campus will soon require you to have UF Eduroam as your wireless network. This March, the UF Network (i.e., how you probably connect now) will stop appearing as an available wireless network, although it will continue to work throughout the spring term.

This summer, UFIT will activate a web page to intercept anyone still connecting to the UF wireless network.  That webpage will onboard users to Eduroam.

The benefits of eduroam becoming the sole wireless network for the University of Florida are automatic worldwide secure connections in more than 6,000 locations. (When traveling, UFIT recommends combining using Eduroam with UF’s VPN service for the most secure network experience possible).  Eduroam is ready to travel when you are–no need to get anything special done to your laptop before you leave! When you bring a new laptop or phone that is not 4G to campus for the first time you need to:

  1. Join the “ufgetonline” onboarding wireless network on your device
  2. Then, type in a web browser.
  3. Follow the prompts and…you’re good to go!

Please contact the UF Computing Help Desk (132 Hub, 352-392-HELP/4357, if you have any issues connecting your mobile devices to Eduroam.