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Developing a Common, More Secure Wireless Network for UF

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Wireless networks are very common across campus, but don’t all behave the same way. This has led to confusion, since networks managed by various college and department IT groups have different technical and policy requirements. To make it easier for users of Gator wireless networks, Vice President and CIO Elias Eldayrie asked UF’s IT support groups to develop a more standardized experience.

From that request three projects were developed and are nearing completion:

1. The Unified Wireless Project will provide automatic encryption, IP mobility, and credential caching across the entire campus. IP mobility will allow Wi-Fi connections to remain ‘live’ while users travel within covered areas. Credential caching solves the problem of repeatedly entering your GatorLink password on Mobile devices. This summer all public wireless service set identifiers (SSIDs) like the much used “ufw” wireless local area network will be replaced with three new SSIDs:

• “uf” for general GatorLink access
• “ufinfo” for assistance with configuration and problem resolution
• “ufvisitor” in select public areas for casual use

2. The Unified Network Access Control – Posture Assessment (NAC-PA) Project will improve IT security. All wireless devices will be checked during login for current updates to prevent common types of cybercrime.

3. The Common Security Block Model Project will improve services and support users receive from UFIT, while also protecting the UF network from compromised hosts.

These projects will begin large-scale pilot tests this summer. More announcements on UFIT News and in other campus news outlets will be made as each major change approaches. Questions? Contact the UF Computing Help Desk about the Wi-Fi projects.

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