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Conserving a Precious Resource

sprinkler watering a lawn

UFIT is partnering with the Physical Plant Division to reduce water consumption on campus.

A project is underway to monitor and control the amount of water used for lawns and plants on university grounds. So far field data collection devices have been attached to over 1,000 sprinkler heads on Main campus. Data collected will be analyzed by an application that determines when and how much more water is needed, replacing the outdated process of setting a sprinkler’s timer for a specified time each day, rain or shine. There is over 230 acres requiring irrigation on UF’s Main campus alone, so a sizable opportunity exists for improving the efficiency and consumption of water resources.

Staff from UFIT’s CTS and CNS departments are working with Physical Plant and their sprinkler vendor to install devices, monitor the application, and compile data. For more information contact David Gagne, UFIT’s facilitator with Physical Plant on the project.