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Changes Underway: UF Endpoint Management Service

PHOTO: Member of UFIT's Workstation Support team helping a customer via phone.

Changes are underway to the UF Endpoint Management (UFEM) service. Previously synonymous with IBM’s “BigFix” product, UFEM will now be the reference acronym to an umbrella of best-of-breed endpoint management services. The first change is migrating away from the BigFix Core Protection service to Trend Micro OfficeScan for virus and ransomware protection.

There are 60 departments using BigFix, managing the virus and ransomware protection needs of a combined 14,000 endpoints (e.g., computers, printers, and other devices.) The transition to Trend Micro begins this month and continues through summer 2017, with multiple units migrating each week. While priority will be on migrating existing BigFix Core Protection Model users to Trend Micro as soon as possible, all college, department, and unit IT organizations not currently using BigFix are able to leverage Trend Micro OfficeScan.

In fall 2016, the Shared Infrastructure Advisory Committee’s UFEM Governance sub-committee recommended moving to Trend Micro. More information about the transition to Trend Micro, and of additional services to be launched under the UF Endpoint Management service umbrella, is available at