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Campus Research Network Expansion – January 2013

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UF Information Technology is enhancing the university’s campus research network (CRN) to increase capacity for moving ‘big data’. The expanded CRN will be able to handle 10 times the current data capacity. The initial phase of the CRN upgrade will be complete by January 2013, in time for the opening of the new East Campus Data Center.

The university’s initial CRN was launched in 2004, with the aid of grant funds from the National Science Foundation. The development of the CRN also served to launch UF’s High Performance Computing Center. A decade ago the network, with its 10-Gigabit capacity, was considered ahead of its time. Nowadays, researchers need to move, store, and share files with Petabytes (quadrillion bits) or Exabytes (quintillion bits) of data!

The work now underway will mean a bigger and stronger pipeline for UF. This allows the research community to create, analyze, store, and share large amounts of data with institutions and organizations worldwide. The refreshed network pipeline also means UF will be connected to Internet 2 through the Florida Lambda Rail at 100 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) speed…a speed required to move such large quantities of data. What does this mean? The University of Florida is the only university in Florida able to move big data.

More information on the new CRN and its ability to move, store, and share big data will be presented by Chris Griffin at the Fall 2012 Research Computing Day.