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UFIT Shares Highlights from 2017-2018

COVER IMAGE: 2017-2018 Contributions Report Tri-Fold publication.

UFIT is now in year four of the five-year,
2015-2020 Strategic Goals for IT. The goals were written with input from six faculty and staff governance committees. In addition to these goals, UFIT is also supporting The Decade Ahead which outlines seven goals the University of Florida has identified for delivering high water benchmarks in student success, instructional excellence, and transformative research.

VP & CIO Elias Eldayrie is reporting on UFIT’s activities and outcomes supporting these documents in two publications. The first of these publications is UFIT Highlights 2017-2018 (pictured), now available online. This tri-fold publication presents value-added activities and their outcomes from the perspective of faculty, students, and staff.

UFIT is always looking for ways to partner with campus in support of UF’s goals. Anyone with ideas to spur IT innovation or who has a question about the facts and statistics presented in the UFIT Highlights 2017-2018 publication may email the VP at