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UFIT Announces AY18 Exceptional Course Development Award

2018 Exceptional Course Development Award presentation at UF Assessment Conference, April 5, 2019

The UFIT Exceptional Course Development Award recognizes instructors who make outstanding contributions to student learning through intensive effort on course design and implementation. The winner and runner-up for the 2017-18 academic year were chosen from the 99 courses whose instructors received design support from UFIT’s Center for Instructional Technology and Training (CITT).

This year’s winners are Clarence Gravlee, associate professor of Anthropology, and Elizabeth Ibarrola (pictured, with CITT instructional designer Heather Maness), doctoral candidate in the Anthropology Department, for co-designing ANT3451 Race and Racism, an online course. Together they created a student-focused learning community, providing strong instructor presence, and facilitated critical thinking about the very challenging topic of race and racism. The committee also recognized Ferol Carytsas, lecturer in the Center for Arts in Medicine, for HUM3523/IDH3931 Music and Health. Ms. Carytsas received powerful student praise for the active learning strategies in her hybrid course design and revised many of her assessments to infuse more best practices, such as scaffolding and peer review.

Instructional faculty have access to CITT resources including face-to-face workshops, online web trainings, and one-on-one course development and design consultations. For assistance please complete the Contact Us form or email Interim Manager Shannon Dunn.