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Touchless Payment Options at UF Health

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Paying for UF health care services is more convenient, thanks to next-gen credit card devices and related financial software options recently integrated by UF Health IT. For the first time, patients can use apps like Apple Pay or Google Pay (or a compatible tap-to-pay card) with their smartphone or mobile device, rather than inserting a card into a machine. Touch-free options help minimize contact at a time when infection-control is a critical priority.

“In health care IT, we seek opportunities to directly improve the patient experience,” said Sean Hudson, UF Health IT senior director for patient management applications. Hudson also has oversight for IT infrastructure and technical services, ambulatory support and web services consultation.

“We partner across the academic health center to understand and match their priorities with the most effective, efficient, and reliable tech solutions,” he said. “In this case, we worked with revenue cycle colleagues to offer more user-friendly finance tools for patients.”

The new technologies support Epic-related patient payments made by credit cards or debit-as-credit cards and is also available via the MyUFHealth patient portal. These payment services are available in all UF Health hospitals, outpatient programs, emergency rooms, and physician medical practices.