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Sharing Outcomes and Planning Efforts

PHOTO: UF Prof. Doug Soltis presenting at the UFIT Fall Assembly, Dec. 10, 2019.

Learning about the outcomes generated and where priorities will focus in the new year is important for all staff. To enable a greater understanding of both, Vice President and CIO Elias Eldayrie hosted the Fall IT Assembly on December 10. Held in Emerson Alumni Hall, 281 attendees listened to the CIO recap completed projects, summarize staff efforts, and provide enterprise system and application uptimes. Eldayrie underscored how the work done by IT staff at UF ties in to the university’s rise in the rankings over the last five years.

A campus executive or preeminent scholar is the featured speaker at each Assembly. This year, UFIT was honored to have Distinguished Professor Doug Soltis (pictured) as speaker. Soltis’ presentation on the “tree of life” was extremely well received and generated a lot of interest from attendees.

Eldayrie also shared his vision for UF’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan for IT and framed the planning underway within the context of helping UF rise to five in the national public university rankings. The video link of the 2019 Fall IT Assembly is available online: