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Reducing Tech Energy Consumption

GRAPHIC: Laptop with the green "Recycle" arrow logo on the screen

Lots of energy (figuratively and literally) goes into running a university – all the way down to how you use your devices while on campus. Help UF reduce energy consumption with these simple tech habits:

1. Unplug devices
Devices that stay plugged in after being fully charged continue to draw out small amounts of energy. If you think about the volume of people at UF that charge their phone each day, that is a lot of potential energy waste!

2. Turn off screen saver
Instead, turn off the screen when you are done using your laptop or leaving the office for a period of time. Put your device in energy efficiency mode so your screen turns off after a short period of inactivity.

3. Use smart power strips
Smart power strips allow you to charge more devices in one outlet. More importantly, they shut down power to devices that go in standby mode, saving energy.

4. Dispose of devices properly
Recycling mobile devices reduces emissions that occur during manufacturing and prevents water and air pollution. Secure media disposal of flash drives, hard drives, and more is available at the UF Computing Help Desk. Secure recycling means not worrying that your old emails will get into the wrong hands. Be a good green Gator!