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Lab Offers ‘Cutting Edge Technology’ for…Cutting Edges

Fab lab

A university laboratory recently opened to a wider campus audience: the Art and Architecture Fabrication Laboratory, or A² “Fab Lab.”
The A² Fab Lab provides opportunities for students and faculty to explore new ways of thinking and creating, from textiles to modeling and designs.

The A² Fab Lab is a digital fabrication lab. Developed through a collaboration between the College of Design, Construction and Planning (School of Architecture) and the College of Fine Arts (School of Art + Art History), the A² Fab Lab utilizes cutting edge tools and technology, allowing users to facilitate and mediate between the digital and physical design and creation processes. Technologies available include laser cutters, 3-D printers, and 3-D scanners.

The A² Fab Lab is located in the Architecture Building, Room 307. Previously only available to students, faculty, and staff of the two collaborating colleges, the lab is now open and available for use by all UF students, faculty, and staff, regardless of major or college affiliation. For more information, including how to complete the lab orientation (required before using the Fab Lab) email Lab Manager Mat Chandler or Graduate Assistant Samuel Lopez.