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Joining Forces in Innovation Square


This spring, several units within UFIT moved to new locations. UFIT staff moves will continue into early 2019 as the university consolidates many of the technology support units to the Innovation Square corridor.

“Moving to Innovation Square gives us a chance to collaborate and spark new ideas in a way never before possible,” said Vice President and CIO Elias Eldayrie. “Our departments have been distributed on three campuses in multiple locations. Now we can be a catalyst for positive change in downtown Gainesville while supporting the priorities of the One Gainesville Strategic Development Plan.”

A core component of the development plan is the recommendation that the university re-center growth by concentrating development in the eastern third of campus, and coordinate with the City of Gainesville to develop the area between downtown and campus. Another key focus is to enable strong neighborhoods around the university perimeter, sustaining UF in its continual bid for preeminence and benefiting the community as a whole.

Units in Academic Technology, Enterprise Systems, the Information Security Office, and Infrastructure and Communication Technology, along with UFIT’s Business Center staff will move to the 720 Building (formerly the Ayers Building) and the 800 Building, now under construction. More details will be posted in the coming months on UFIT News.