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Join the Conversation!

IT Staff in Discussion

The UF community has several ways to voice ideas, suggestions, or concerns about information technology on campus. Do you have questions about IT services or supported products? Want to know more about what UFIT is working on? Join the conversation!

IT Discussions LISTSERV: All UF employees may join the IT-DISCUSSIONS LISTSERV. It’s a great way to ask questions and discuss solutions to IT problems. To join, send an email with “JOIN IT-DISCUSSION-L” in the body of the email.

UF_N_ALL_IT_WORKERS: Ask your DSA to request the UF_N_ALL_IT_WORKERS role for you. You’ll get campus IT news and special announcements, updates on UFIT’s maintenance schedule, and security alerts. (You don’t have to be in an IT payroll classification to get the UF_N_ALL_IT_WORKERS role.)

Ask the CIO: Vice President and CIO Elias Eldayrie is committed to providing innovative and responsive technology services. Please email the CIO’s office with your questions, comments, or concerns.

UFIT Social Media: Like UFIT’s Facebook and Twitter pages and keep up with the latest on services, technology tips, and information about IT job openings.

UFIT staff monitor social media and respond to all messages posted, usually within a 2-hour timeframe. Visit the UFIT website for more information on services and events.