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Improving Technology Services at UF


Improving the quality of centrally-provided technology services is a priority of UFIT. To support this priority, a campus-wide initiative–IT Service Management (ITSM)–is now underway.

Goals of the ITSM initiative include:

1. Clarification
What services are available from UFIT?
2. Consistency
How do constituents access and receive support for UFIT services?
3. Assurance
What assurances are there that constituent needs are met with high-quality results?

To develop and define the three-phase ITSM initiative, more than 60 members of the UF community are involved in the work group structure. The work groups include staff from the Division of Finance and Accounting and the Office of Human Resource Services, as well as UF Information Technology. Most importantly, staff from UF colleges are on several work groups, ensuring strong representation from the academic units.

“The time is right for undertaking an ITSM initiative for the University of Florida,” said Rob Adams, chair of the ITSM project steering committee. “To fully support UF’s current and future academic, research, and administrative IT needs, we must evaluate existing services and see where we can better clarify expectations and improve service delivery–regardless of organizational hierarchy or reporting structure.”

Visit the ITSM Web site to learn more about the project. Questions about ITSM may be emailed to the steering committee.

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