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Hackathon: Opportunity to Meet Recruiters, Win Prizes

Participants in Spring Hackathon

Designers, programmers, and business students from UF and around Gainesville are invited to spend September 27-29 working on a mobile app geared towards facilitating civil political discourse.

War of the Worlds: A New Dawn in September, is a 54-hour “hackathon” event hosted by The Bob Graham Center for Public Service and local startup Teal Ocean. Teams will race against the clock to design, develop, and market their final product.

“This hackathon presents a unique opportunity for students to cross-pollinate their ideas with students from other majors and develop a product from start to finish,” said Tony Dieppa, co-founder of Teal Ocean and a lead event organizer. “Typically, design students interact with design students and coders with coders, so students miss out on working with people of other disciplines. We are bringing these people together so that they can understand the true value of an interdisciplinary team.”

War of the Worlds: A New Dawn in September will take place September 27-29 in Pugh Hall. Co-sponsors are UF’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, UF’s Engineering Innovation Institute, 352 Media, Domino’s Pizza, and Sony.

To learn more or to register, visit or the event page on Facebook. Visit The Bob Graham Center for Public Service website for information on this event and other programming.