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Global Internet Traffic to Surpass One Zettabyte in 2016

Graphic image about the volume of global IP traffic in 2016

Global annual internet traffic is expected to surpass one zettabyte in 2016. The zettabyte (ZB) was once reserved for measurements of the digital universe as a whole. Now, due to the surge of video traffic, new content creation, and mobile internet usage, the zettabyte has become part of our shared techno-speak, like the megabyte and gigabyte before it. To put a ZB into perspective: One million gigabytes = 1 petabyte. 1 million petabytes = 1 zettabyte. Some recently reported facts on the ZB:

  • The entire digital universe is 4.4 ZB
    (Source: International Data Corporation’s Digital Universe Study, 2014)
  • One ZB can hold 36 million years of HD video
    (Source: The Guardian newspaper, 2015)

Another way to visualize the scale of a zettabyte: According to Cisco Systems, if 1 gigabyte is equal to an 11-ounce coffee, then 1 zettabyte would have the same coffee volume as the Great Wall of China. Interested in knowing UF’s Internet connection rates and campus usage data? UFIT’s Network Services department publishes real-time usage graphs on their website: