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For the Gator Good: COO Strategic Plan


Senior Vice President and COO Charlie Lane recently released his divisional strategic plan. The COO’s strategic plan includes commitments to priority areas including risk management and technology.

In addition to UF Information Technology, Dr. Lane oversees the Human Resources Services Division, the Office of the Chief Audit Executive, the Office of Real Estate, and the Division of Business Affairs.

The strategic planning efforts included identifying a set of strategic themes to guide decision-making. Other deliverables included identifying a shared Vision for the organizations under the COO and developing a shared mission (sometimes referred to as a “purpose statement”):

Our mission is to support the university’s success through unsurpassed operational excellence.

Now that this document has been released, Dr. Lane is inviting the UF community to review the work undertaken thus far and to check out some of the COO’s strategic initiatives from across the organization, available on the COO web site at