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Earth-Friendly Tech Habits

"Go Green" Message on Keyboard

Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to reducing UF’s carbon footprint. In addition to household habits like recycling and using energy-efficient lightbulbs, consider these simple tech habits to cut energy consumption:

Turn off your computer 
If you use a PC, turn it off or enable ‘sleep mode’ when you’re done. Don’t forget to turn off your monitor after you Control+Alt+Delete for the day!

Use power strips
Since you can turn the power flow on and off, consider ordering a power strip for your office and plugging in your devices there, including your PC and all those device charger cords.

And speaking of device chargers…
So you just got the hottest new smartphone or tablet—great! Make sure to unplug your mobile device chargers when you’re done with them. Chargers continue to use small amounts of energy when plugged into an outlet.

We can all do just a little more to demonstrate good university citizenship. It’s more than just turning off your office light when leaving for the day…visit Sustainable UF to learn more about UF’s commitment to greener living and how you can help.