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Computer Settings That Will Reduce UF’s Carbon Footprint

Sustainable Desktop Computing Image

Think using a screen saver saves energy? Think again! UF could greatly reduce electricity consumption if we all enabled sleep mode settings instead of leaving computers fully powered. How else can you be a sustainable Gator? Consider these easy ways to cut back on your workstation’s energy consumption:

  • Turn off your monitor when not in use
  • Set your computer for system    standby/sleep mode after 30 minutes or less
  • Turn down the brightness of your computer monitor or device screen
  • Before you print, decide if the document can be stored electronically instead

Many electronic items can be recycled through UF’s Asset Management program. This program coordinates the sale or recycling of monitors, CPUs, and other unneeded electronic items. Before recycling any device, remember to destroy its stored data first! With UF’s media disposal service, faculty and staff can securely discard external hard drives and removed internal hard drives, as well as smartphones, flash drives and other items. The media disposal service is available at the UF Computing Help Desk (Hub 132) during regular business hours and at the HSC’s Communicore Building (C2-22A) on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Visit Sustainable UF to learn more ways we can all help to reduce UF’s carbon footprint.