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2016 State of UFIT

Sr VP and COO Charlie Lane

The focus of the 2016 State of UFIT was on the year’s milestones and IT’s role in the strategic vision for the University of Florida. The May 20 event featured presentations by UF Senior Vice President and COO Charlie Lane and Vice President and CIO Elias Eldayrie.

Dr. Lane’s presentation centered on the strategic development plan for the university and optimizing the synergy between UF and the City of Gainesville. Eldayrie’s presentation saluted staff for the way they provided ‘IT for Value’ in the past year, referencing, among other benchmarks, the 142,000 closed UF Computing Help Desk tickets, usage of UFApps in 146 countries, and the 8.2 billion blocked spam and malware emails. Pivoting to a 2016-2017 focus, Eldayrie asked, “Where can we drive more value for the campus?” He highlighted the COMPASS Project, a UF-wide intrusion prevention system, and more rationalizing of IT services.

This year’s State of UFIT also celebrated local and national recognition received in 2015-2016. A recording for this event is online. Questions and comments regarding the 2016 State of UFIT may be emailed to the Vice President and CIO.