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2012 UFIT Award Winners Announced

Crowd at 2012 Fall IT Assembly

Vice President and CIO Elias Eldayrie presented the 2012 UFIT Awards today at the Fall IT Assembly. Over 200 people from UF&Shands, IFAS, and main campus gathered at Emerson Alumni Hall for this event.

The winners:

Bringing Out the Best
Collaboration, Innovation and Everyday Leadership Throughout UFIT
Project: Cross-Organizational Database Administration Team
1. Richard Herman
2. James Martinez
3. Phil Padgett
4. Debbie Sams

Serving the Client
Providing Consistent and Exceptional Service
Project: UF&Shands Academic Health Center Website
1. Brad Alderman     6. Diane Millican
2. Amanda Austin     7. Carlos Morales
3. Carlos Campos     8. Jeff Stevens
4. Natalie Canut        9. Greg Turner
5. Sean Jeng          10. James Young

Unsung Heroes
Working Behind the Scenes
Project: Oracle Hyperion Implementation Team
1. Spencer Cason
2. Tim McCarthy
3. Stephanie Nielsen
4. Julie Wang

CIO’s Service Excellence Award
Project: Campus Wi-Fi
1. Charles Benjamin
2. Tom Livoti
3. Dan Miller

The Fall IT Assembly opened with Dr. Bernie Machen awarding the President’s Medallion to Elizabeth “Miss Betty” Jones. Miss Betty is the longest serving employee in UF history, with 60 years of service–the last 38 years (and counting) in UFIT. The President’s Medallion is given for outstanding contributions to the university. Individuals receiving the award in past years include the Teacher/Scholar of the Year, Distinguished Service Professors, and Administrative Council members.

Eldayrie’s presentation was on the FY 2013 budget and some of UFIT’s current projects. He also gave an overview of the IT position reclassification process in progress, as well as results from the inaugural UFIT Customer Survey. Questions about the presentation or the UFIT Awards may be emailed to the UFIT Communications office.

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