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Your Feedback is Important – 2017 Surveys

InfoGraphic: Drawing of the Higher Education Eco-System

The University of Florida is one of more than 150 participants in the EDUCAUSE higher education survey program. The surveys focus on information technology (IT) usage, IT-related issues and future trends, and satisfaction with IT on campus. UFIT manages the EDUCAUSE campus-wide surveys related to IT.

  • Faculty survey deploys on Feb. 13, to 1,381 full-time faculty members
  • Student survey deploys on Feb. 27, to 10,655 full-time undergraduates

The 2017 EDUCAUSE survey has four sections: Technology Ownership, Adoption, Attitudes, and Use, Teaching and Learning, Learning Environments, and Technology for Research and Scholarship. Invitations to participate in the surveys will come from the Office of the Vice President and CIO. The research collected may be used to evaluate and improve existing IT services and systems, and guide future decisions related to allocation of staff and technical resources. Feedback from faculty and students is extremely valuable to this process! If you receive an invitation, please take the time (estimated to be 20 minutes or less) to complete the survey.

Questions about the 2017 ECAR surveys may be emailed to UFIT.