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What’s the Most Popular Course at UF?

Student using desktop publishing software in UFIT-managed lab

UFIT provides, the online video tutorial library, FREE to all students, faculty, and staff. The lynda service is so popular with The Gator Nation that UF is annually ranked #1 in almost every usage category among universities offering For the 2015-16 academic year, there were 128,978 log-ins to lynda via GatorLink credentials. During that time, the UF community totaled 482,549 video views! So, what is UF learning?

Most Popular Courses: 2015-2016 Academic Year (Total Views)
Excel 2013 Essential Training (11,281)
Programming: Fundamentals (6,847)
HTML Essential Training (6,779)
Word for Mac 2011 Essential Training (6,632)
Word 2013 Essential Training (6,579)
Project 2013 Essential Training (5,436)
Excel for Mac 2011 Essential Training (4,679)
JavaScript Essential Training (4,094)
Java Essential Training (3,915)
CSS: Core Concepts (3,818)
SPSS: Essential Training (3,627)

Stop by the table at the 2016 Student Tech Fair and learn how to use lynda to increase your skill-set so you can get that great first job after college. UFIT staff will give out lynda SWAG items and show you how to log in with your GatorLink credentials for free 24/7 access to lynda’s online library of nearly 5,000 courses.