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What Changes Would You Recommend for e-Learning?

feedback box from LSS Web site

UFIT is soliciting feedback from instructors on ways to improve UF’s e-Learning environment.

The feedback mechanism is available via the left-hand navigation menu on the e-Learning Support Services Web site. Instructors may also access the feedback link through the article posted on the Sakai Message of the Day section found on the ‘My Workspace’ homepage.

In addition to providing feedback, instructors can search feedback and suggestions left by other faculty, and vote for the suggestions most important to them. Each instructor has 10 votes available and may cast as many as three votes in favor of any one issue. Visit the Instructor Feedback wiki article for more information on the voting process. The e-Learning project team and Sakai Advisory Committee will use instructor suggestions and rankings established through the voting process to make recommendations and identify priorities for changes to e-Learning.

The feedback service is currently available only to instructors but plans are underway to open the service to students as well. For more information about e-Learning at UF or the feedback process contact Doug Johnson, assistant director for Learning Services.