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Voice Your Opinion: Fall 2016 Course Evaluations

Hub slide image: two female students checking instructor evaluation ratings on their phone

Help students in future semesters select course sections and identify which faculty members best present subject material: Take a few minutes before Thanksgiving break and complete your Fall 2016 instructor evaluations.

UFIT manages the GATORRATER program, an online faculty evaluation service, on behalf of the university community. The evaluations are a quick, anonymous way to provide feedback about your experiences in class this semester. The Fall 2016 evaluation period opens November 22, so bookmark and take part. You’ll be asked to provide course feedback on how well the instructor:

  1. Described course objectives and assignments
  2. Communicated ideas and information
  3. Expressed expectations for performance in class
  4. Assisted students in or out of class
  5. Respected and showed concern for students
  6. Stimulated interest in course
  7. Facilitated learning
  8. Overall assessment of instructor

The GATORRATER evaluation scale is: Excellent, Above Average, Average, Below Average, and Poor. Let your voice be heard! The Fall 2016 evaluation period is November 22 – December 9. For more information, visit