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Updates to e-Learning Environment

LOGO: Visual for UF e-Learning Canvas Updates

On Saturday, February 17, 2018, the learning management system vendor that powers UF e-Learning (Canvas) is updating the following features:

Update 1 – Options for commenting: Group assignments that are individually graded allow for more options when commenting on the submission in Speedgrader. Instructors can decide whether they would like the comment to go to the whole group or just a particular student. Additionally, students can decide if they want to send a comment to the whole group or just the instructor when commenting in the Submission Details page.

Update 2 – Auto-completion:
E-learning users will have the option to utilize an auto-completion feature when searching for a course in the Inbox. The auto-completion search begins when typing the name of the course. (Users will still be able to scroll to select the course they are searching for.) The auto-completion feature is being applied to the e-Learning email composition window as well.

Also included in this vendor update: The Student View button will now be accessible from both the e-Learning homepage and the course settings. UFIT e-Learning staff are happy to help you in any way! If you have questions or need assistance, please call (352-392-4357/option 3), email, or visit them in 132 Hub.