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UFIT’s Commitment to Mobile Learning

Students using a variety of mobile devices

Students come to UF with several Mobile devices they use to complete assignments, connect with professors and fellow students, and communicate with family and friends. UFIT makes it a priority to support numerous types of devices and platforms, with the programming and end-user services needed to keep campus connected.

The 2013 EDUCAUSE Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology collected responses from more than 112,000 college students at over 250 institutions. The survey cites several statistics that underscore the importance universities must place on the “Bring Your Own Everything” (BYOE) environment: 46% of students surveyed took an online course last year, and 60% of them said they use Mobile devices to stay in contact with their professors.

UFIT is a leader in BYOE, with, among other commitments, programming for e-Learning on both iOS and Android platforms, expanding wireless capabilities on campus, and end-user support for phones, e-Readers, tablets, and latops available at the UF Computing Help Desk. UFIT also makes software available to students remotely so they don’t have to physically work in a campus lab through UFApps.

For more information about UFIT projects, check out the 2012-2013 Contributions Report or contact UFIT Communications.