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UFIT Supporting 88 ‘Preview’ Sessions

GRAPHIC: Main design component of the 2017 UF Computing Help Desk Flyer

The UF Computing Help Desk provides around-the-clock assistance for the UF community. Students, faculty, and staff can get help with password resets, e-Learning questions, software issues, and more.

The 2017-18 Help Desk flyer is now online and at 132 Hub. The flyer details many free IT services, like UFApps, Microsoft Office 365, and IT training options. In addition, the flyer has information about ONE.UF, UF’s student self-service portal, and links to other online and in-person help resources.

“The Help Desk flyer provides important information, like a list of many of the IT services that students rely on,” said Alexandra Rodriguez, a fourth year adverting major. “It’s valuable to students because it shows the apps and software that they can help you with, in case you’re having problems taking care of a tech need yourself.”

Help Desk employees will staff 88 UF Preview sessions throughout the summer, so incoming students and their parents can get to know the variety of IT services and level of support available. For additional information about services provided by the UF Computing Help Desk, stop by Hub 132 or contact staff via phone (392-HELP/4357) or email (