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UFIT Provides VR Access for Students

PHOTO: Female student using virtual reality headset.

Virtual reality (VR) is part of UF’s course curriculum and daily campus buzz: Medical students are being trained by VR, journalism students are using it to further social good stories, and design students are using it to allow persons with disabilities to test home designs before they are built. Want to get involved with VR? Here’s how:

Visit Mobile App Development Environment at UF (MADE@UF), a workspace for students that provides resources for developing mobile applications. The MADE@UF labs in Marston and Infinity Hall have Oculus Rifts, HTC Vives, and VR-capable computers. HTC Vives, Google Daydreams, Samsung Gear VR, and Microsoft Hololens are also offered for a seven-day checkout! The MADE@UF labs are open to everyone, regardless of major
Connect with GatorVR, a student club dedicated to making VR projects
Learn how to use Unity, an engine for creating VR apps, on UFIT underwrites the cost of for all students so you have FREE access to Unity and thousands of other courses!

Marston Science Library hosts intro level VR workshops throughout the year. Contact Assistant University Librarian Sam Putnam, coordinator for the MADE@UF mobile app and virtual reality lab, to sign up for the next workshop.