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UFIT Instructional Design Group Piloting 24 Online Courses in Spring 2013

Online course homescreen for CHM1025

UF Information Technology developed nearly 40 online courses in 2012, helping to expand the university’s virtual and distance learning offerings–a primary strategic direction of President Machen’s.

UFIT’s Center for Instructional Technology and Training, also known as “the CITT”, works with instructors year-round, helping them develop virtual, hybrid, and distance learning courses. This spring the CITT is piloting 24 new online courses. New courses are monitored closely during the first semester of use, to ensure that students achieve the stated goals and objectives.

Investing in online courses allows the university to increase off-campus enrollment. Online course delivery also allows for expanded enrollment in established courses that have outgrown available space in campus classrooms. Another benefit of online course delivery is the opportunity to utilize emerging technologies and provide for instructor-student collaboration in new and exciting ways, said Jennifer Smith, UFIT’s Manager of Instructional Design Services.

“A well-designed and taught online course offers students flexibility and encourages them to delve deeply into the course material,” said Smith. “Faculty are rethinking the way they teach a course, and we’re happy to provide them with a structured process and course development framework that is based on sound pedagogical principles.”

For more information on developing a virtual, hybrid, or distance learning course, or to learn about instructor resources available, visit, a Web portal developed jointly by the Office of the Provost and UFIT.