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Quiz Accommodation Tool in e-Learning

LOGO: UF Canvas e-Learning

Instructors no longer have to go into each individual quiz in e-Learning to extend the time allowed for each student. UFIT recently installed a new tool that allows instructors to add quiz accommodations for students that apply to the entire course. Truly Hardemon, an instructional designer with the College of Public Health and Health Professions, welcomes this addition to e-Learning:

“This spring I helped an instructor extend time on three exams and 12 quizzes. Her course was split over three shells, with each shell having at least one accommodation. That meant 45 quizzes and exams had to be individually updated! This process took us 40 minutes. However, this summer I had a course with three students who needed time extensions on six quizzes and was able to create them all in less than five minutes! I can only imagine how efficient this will be in large enrollment courses that have multiple accommodations.”

Details on using the quiz extension tool are in the Quiz Accommodations guide and posted on e-Learning’s FAQ page. Faculty may contact UFIT’s e-Learning Support staff for assistance (352-392-HELP, Option 3 or with the quiz accommodation tool or any other component of UF’s Canvas e-Learning environment.