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UFApps Program Promoted to Full-Time Production Service

Two students using UFApps on their phone

So that all UF students may experience a standard framework for programs and application access, UFIT will assume the costs associated with the UFApps pilot program. UFApps is now a full-time production service.

Started as a Student Tech Fee project in Spring 2013, UFApps provides students with access to more than 30 supported software apps – including AutoCAD, SPSS, and Serif Design Suite – from any computer or mobile device. Jameson Johnston, UFIT manager, said the program was hugely successful in its pilot year.

“We had 7,500 unique student visitors during the pilot program,” Johnston said, which accounts for about 15 percent of the student population. Johnston added that faculty can now request access to UFApps.

“Faculty can start working on assignments in class,” Johnston said, since students can log on to UFApps from any lab computer or personal device. “It creates a collaborative, hands-on learning experience instead of just sitting in lecture.”

A list of supported apps can be found on the UFApps website. A faculty member or student that would like to request an app be added to the service may do so via the “Request a New App” page on the site.