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UF Mediasite Tops 3.6 Million Views in 2015

Mediasite 3 million views graphic

UF’s Mediasite service tracked more than 3.6 million presentation views in 2015 – over a million more than last year. Mediasite’s usage has grown dramatically in the past five years, as video lectures become more and more intrinsic to UF’s teaching and learning environment. In 2009, UF totaled 139,896 Mediasite views, increasing to 609,289 in 2012, before more than doubling in 2013 and then jumping to over 2.6 million in 2014.

Since its inception, UFIT’s Video & Collaboration Services (VCS) has provided high-quality video and content streams, enabling users to upload thousands of academic and administrative video resources. Their productions allow viewers to see a recording of the presenter and his or her presentation content simultaneously, making Mediasite ideal for online lectures or visual-heavy presentations. In just the fall 2015 semester, there were 7,207 videos uploaded to UF’s Mediasite environment. Many of UF’s largest lecture halls now enjoy automated recordings free of charge!

Fill out the online VCS request form to initiate a service request. An archive of lectures, commencement ceremonies, and other events are available at UF’s Mediasite catalog site. Please email the VCS team if you have any questions about the Mediasite catalog or other service offerings.