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Turnitin Upgraded in Canvas e-Learning

GRAPHIC: Horizontal "Turnitin" corporate logo

On May 7, UFIT upgraded its Turnitin integration with Canvas. The upgrade increases reliability in submissions generating reports from Turnitin.

There are slight changes in enabling Turnitin in an assignment due to this upgrade. Instead of clicking a check box, a new option called “Plagiarism Review” will appear when choosing text entry and/or file upload. Using the dropdown menu, select “Turnitin,” then select your options for the review. This image (link opens in new tab) shows a side-by-side comparison of the old and new way to enable this service. Note that any assignment copied from a previous semester MUST have Turnitin re-enabled.

Please do not hesitate to contact e-Learning Support (352-392-HELP/4357 option 3,, or in-person at the Help Desk in 132 Hub) with any questions about Turnitin or other services in UF’s e-Learning environment.