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The Internet of Things: The Next Big Thing?

IOT - Credit

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing exponentially and will continue to change the way we complete tasks in everyday life. The IoT may also be your ticket to a high paying position when you graduate. Let UFIT’s MADE@UF labs help you prepare for that great job offer!

When you hear someone refer to any type of technology as “smart,” what they’re talking about is the Internet of Things – the application of sensors and cloud computing to allow machine-to-machine communication. The IoT is everywhere, from the development of self-driving cars, to movement and fitness sensors like FitBit and even the sensing thermostats inside your home. The sensors in these technologies gather data that is then transmitted to cloud-based applications which interprets and uses the data.

The IoT’s growth means–among other things–career opportunities. How can you supplement your classes and prepare for that lucrative position when you graduate? One way is to head to a MADE@UF lab (inside Marston Science Library or the location soon to open in Infinity Hall), try out the apps and equipment available, and learn the language of mobile app development. You don’t have to be an engineering or business major to use the MADE@UF labs–they are open to students in all majors.