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Testing & Active Learning Center Opens

Testing and Active Learning Center Table Illustration

The Testing & Active Learning (TAL) Center is the latest sign of the University of Florida’s continuing commitment to transforming campus learning spaces. The 126-seat facility, opened in the Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) building this spring, is already popular with students and instructors, owing to its unique blend of space, furnishings, and technology.

The TAL Center is loosely designed around the “Student Centered Active Learning Environments with Upside-Down Pedagogies” (SCALE-UP) active learning classroom model, developed to support large-enrollment STEM courses. It features sub-dividable space with 14 round tables, each seating nine students in groups of three. All tables feature laptop ports, a computer for every student, and its own large-screen display that can be delegated to student control by the instructor. While the TAL Center is the largest, specifically designed active learning classroom on campus by day, it also functions as a computer-based testing center at night! The Center’s portable privacy panels ensure eyes are where they should be during proctored computer-based tests.

The TAL Center is located in CSE E235. Visit for more information or to request a reservation for your course. To learn more about UF’s new Active Learning Initiative, please see