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Technologies Available in UFIT-Supported Classrooms

Recently updated classroom in Norman Hall

UFIT’s Classroom Support group designs, installs, and maintains classroom technology equipment and provides faculty with instructional support on using the equipment. Many of the more than 250 UFIT-managed classrooms include:

Wireless Display
With Apple TV or Intel WiDi, many Apple, Android, and Windows devices are capable of screen sharing on the classroom projector or TV.

Digital Classroom Control
Projectors, DVD players, laptop connections, microphone, and room volume can all be controlled through a single control panel easily accessible at the podium.

SMART Podium
Presentations can instantly be created by drawing with the interactive pen display or annotating PowerPoints and documents during class.

i>clicker Response Systems
Response systems such as iClicker, Tophat, and HITT allow students to interact to questions in real time using physical clickers or an app on their mobile device.

Lecture Capture and Video Conferencing
Webcams with built-in microphones allow instructors to easily conference in guest speakers and record classes for use online using Techsmith Relay or Mediasite.

Installed Software
Application software comes installed on classroom computers, including SMART Notebook, Skype, Firefox, and Microsoft Office.

Classroom technology tutorials are available online. Instructors can also request a one-on-one appointment to learn how to use room equipment. For more information visit