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Teaching for Inclusivity and Accessibility

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UFIT’s Center for Instructional Technology and Training is offering its Teaching for Inclusivity and Accessibility certificate program. This online series is comprised of three trainings focusing on how instructors can meet the needs of diverse learners as they plan their course, develop online materials, and facilitate the management of their class. The program begins on September 3. Follow the link in the title of each training to register:

Designing an Inclusive Course (September 3 – October 13)
Plan how to revise course materials, organize, and select assessments to work towards a course that recognizes the diversity and equally empowers all students.
Fostering Inclusive Communities for Learning (October 15 – December 1)
Strategize ways to build an environment where a wide range of students feel safe, respected, and comfortable enough to collaborate and learn.
Accessible Online Environments (December 3 – December 16)
Learn different types of accessibility needs and implement improvements for making an online course more accessible and compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Instructors who would like more information on this training or any other course or service offered by the CITT may contact Interim Manager Shannon Dunn.