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Surveys – Spring 2015

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The Office of the CIO will deploy three major surveys this spring. The goal of these surveys is to elicit information about student, faculty, and staff satisfaction with information technology services, and to hear ideas for improving IT at UF.

The first survey to deploy will be the 2015 ECAR Faculty and Technology study. ECAR is the survey and research unit of EDUCAUSE, a decision-influencing organization whose focus is on analysis, advocacy, and knowledge creation to support IT in higher education. This survey will be sent to 1,150 members of UF’s faculty on February 2, and close on February 13.

The second survey will also come from ECAR: the 2015 ECAR Students and Technology study. This survey will be sent to over 11,000 enrolled students on February 16, and close on February 27. Last year 200+ colleges and universities participated in ECAR surveys. So, in addition to learning more about what Gators think about IT on campus, UF can compare findings with other major, public research institutions.

The third major survey deployed by UFIT this spring is the 2015 TechQual project survey. The TechQual project allows participating institutions to survey their campus about specific areas of IT. This year’s survey focuses on Wi-Fi delivery, Help Desk support, online services, and IT training. UFIT will deploy the TechQual survey to a sampling of students, faculty, and staff on April 6 and close on April 17.

Any questions about the surveys may be emailed to UFIT’s communications group.