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Summer UFIT Training Schedule Announced

PHOTO: Instructor reviewing daily info security threats during "Cyber Security @ UF" workshop.

UFIT’s summer training offerings have been announced, with workshops scheduled for the Hub, Communicore, and the Physics Building. Workshop descriptions, location and times, prerequisites, and registration links are available at Learn new skills this summer!

May 2017
May 2: Archer Risk Management
May 4: e-Learning @ UF – Full Series
May 12: Qualtrics – Getting started
May 16: Archer Risk Management
May 17: Introduction to Research Computing at UF
May 19: Cyber-security @ UF
May 24: Introduction to Linux and Command Line
May 31: HiPerGator – Slurm Submission Scripts
June 2017
June 2: SPSS Series Workshop 1 – Data Preparation and Exploratory Data Analysis
June 6: Archer Risk Management
June 8: SPSS – Inferential Statistics about the Mean and Median
June 9: Cyber-security @ UF
June 13: Qualtrics – Getting Started
June 13: Using e-Learning Data
June 13: Archer Risk Management
June 16: SPSS – ANOVA and Linear Regression
June 29: Best Practices for Group Work in e-Learning
June 30: SPSS: Multiple Linear Regression
July 2017
July 6: Qualtrics – Getting Started
July 7: SPSS – Proportion
July 11: Power of Rubrics in e-Learning
July 11: Archer Risk Management
July 13: Cyber-security @ UF
July 14: SPSS – Logistical Regression
July 25: Peer Review in e-Learning