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Summer UFIT Training Schedule Announced

PHOTO: Instructor reviewing daily info security threats during "Cyber Security @ UF" workshop.

UFIT’s summer training offerings have been announced, with workshops scheduled for the Hub, Communicore, and the Physics Building. Workshop descriptions, location and times, prerequisites, and registration links are available at https://training.it.ufl.edu/. Learn new skills this summer!

May 2017
May 2: Archer Risk Management
May 4: e-Learning @ UF – Full Series
May 12: Qualtrics – Getting started
May 16: Archer Risk Management
May 17: Introduction to Research Computing at UF
May 19: Cyber-security @ UF
May 24: Introduction to Linux and Command Line
May 31: HiPerGator – Slurm Submission Scripts
June 2017
June 2: SPSS Series Workshop 1 – Data Preparation and Exploratory Data Analysis
June 6: Archer Risk Management
June 8: SPSS – Inferential Statistics about the Mean and Median
June 9: Cyber-security @ UF
June 13: Qualtrics – Getting Started
June 13: Using e-Learning Data
June 13: Archer Risk Management
June 16: SPSS – ANOVA and Linear Regression
June 29: Best Practices for Group Work in e-Learning
June 30: SPSS: Multiple Linear Regression
July 2017
July 6: Qualtrics – Getting Started
July 7: SPSS – Proportion
July 11: Power of Rubrics in e-Learning
July 11: Archer Risk Management
July 13: Cyber-security @ UF
July 14: SPSS – Logistical Regression
July 25: Peer Review in e-Learning