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Summer Enhancements to Canvas Environment


UF e-Learning was updated on July 15, 2017, enabling several new and enhanced features.

One new feature is that in the Assignments tool, assignments can now be duplicated. When copying assignments, the new version will say “Copy” at the end of the assignment title to distinguish between the two. Content pages can now be duplicated as well. As with Assignments, the copy of the original page will include the word “Copy” at the end of the page title. (The copied page will automatically be unpublished. However, all content is the same between the two pages.) To copy an assignment or page, select the gear icon on the title of the assignment or page, then select “Duplicate” from the drop-down menu.

Other updates include the Home page of a course now defaulting to the Modules Home Page View. (The Home page can still be set as normal, but the default is now a different view from the activity stream.) Additionally, the Conferences tool now allows instructors to invite Observers to participate. Observers are in the “Invite All Course Members” option.

Instructors with questions or who need assistance with e-Learning are welcome to call (352-392-HELP/4357, option 3) or email