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Summer Classroom Digital Upgrades and Renovations

Carleton Auditorium Image Post Renovation

Summer renovations to lecture halls and classrooms means UF now has improved teaching and learning spaces with upgraded classroom technology.

Carleton Auditorium is UFIT’s largest renovation project for summer 2013. Completed before the start of Summer B, work included repairing water damage, improving the lighting, stage accessibility, and audio system, and installing three 20-foot wide projection screens with wide-screen high definition projectors.

Other classroom technology projects this summer include the installation of videoconferencing equipment in Griffin-Floyd 100, enabling real-time teaching of distance students at UF’s Lake Nona facility and other locations. Enhanced lecture capture capabilities in two Turlington Hall lecture halls are also being installed, thus enabling higher quality lecture recordings.

Classroom renovation priorities are decided by a combination of faculty and student input as well as maintenance cost and savings potential, according to Mark McCallister, Associate Director of Academic Technology.

“UFIT’s classroom upgrades focus on expanding the ubiquity of classroom technology. By making the technology easier to use, we make it easier for faculty and students to stay engaged in the learning process in the classroom.”

The classroom digital upgrades are part of a four-year plan to upgrade all 250 of UF’s general classrooms to digital high-definition capability—a requirement as analog video connections are phased out. For more information visit UFIT’s Classroom Support Web site.