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Summer 2013 e-Learning Upgrade

New look to UF e-Learning

E-Learning will soon have a new look. During the Spring/Summer break week, UFIT will upgrade Sakai, the programming behind e-Learning at UF, from the current 2.8 version to 2.9. Several new features and tools will be available, including:

Navigation Tool:
Icons next to each tool in the right-hand menu bar will be easier to navigate, and the menu bar can be collapsed or expanded.

More detailed instructions are provided when using Turnitin. Also, ‘Submit as student’ is now available. This will allow instructors to submit assignments when students experience system or technical difficulties.

Gradebook 2:
The upgraded version allows for the import of settings from a previous semester.

Learning Module (i.e., Lesson Builder):
The sequential release of tasks and content is now possible.

Instructors requesting new course shells for Summer will experience the updated look first-hand. After the upgrade, e-Learning will be a more intuitive environment and provide additional tools for a greater teaching and learning experience.

For a sneak peek, visit the e-Learning Upgrade Wiki page. The Wiki page will be updated often, describing the new features available soon in e-Learning. For further information, email e-Learning Support Services or call (352) 392-HELP Option 3.