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Storm Tech Prep Tips for UF

SCREEN CAPTURE: Red 'Severe Weather' Banner on UF Homepage

Power outages, flooding, and strong winds are potential impacts during a tropical storm or hurricane. UF’s
building emergency coordinators will inform their faculty and staff of how to secure work areas prior to a weather event or university closing. UFIT offers these general tech suggestions as part of your weather emergency preparation:

► Back up your files
Take advantage of the 5 TB of storage you get with UF’s free OneDrive to back up your work. Move any files saved to your desktop onto your department’s network drive.
► Charge your devices
Make sure your phone and your UF and personal laptops are charged. Don’t forget to fish out that portable charger from your junk drawer and charge it before bad weather is upon us!
► Stay informed with campus conditions
When Gainesville experiences a severe weather event, information and its effect on campus activities is regularly updated and posted at the top of If a storm’s severity impacts the university’s web servers, UFIT has a contract with an out-of-state company to ensure redundancy of the UF homepage, so information about campus/the Gainesville area will still be available online.

The Emergency Management website is a great resource for the UF community, providing supply lists and storm tracking links.